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At Leader Loop, we recognize that workplace competencies are the often-overlooked cornerstone of career development. Our mission is to demystify key competencies valued by successful leaders and showcase how to leverage them for career progression.

Why do we rally around a competency-based career focus? Because it’s the one factor that is both controllable and applicable across industries. Career advancement is influenced by various factors, including industry dynamics, employee-manager relationships, individual technical skills, and the economic environment. Yet, amidst these variables, one consistent element stands out: key workplace competencies, which are essential behaviors and attributes. These are the cornerstones of growth, transcending technical skills to drive professional development.

We have identified many professionals lack access to coaching, industry connections, or expensive certifications, which puts them at a disadvantage versus peers who do. Traditional education and standard advice in the workplace often miss this gap, and Leader Loop aims to help solve it. We leverage two decades of industry experience to craft competency-based strategies and tactics proven to position you for advancement.

Our offerings empower you to learn on your terms and at a great value. We provide convenient self-service video tutorials and downloadable guides, along with personalized 1:1 advising—all designed to streamline your career path and secure a competitive advantage.

Who needs Leader Loop?

Early – Mid stage professionals eager to level up on peers and accelerate growth

People Managers looking to raise the bar and unlock high-performing teams

Those without industry connections or executive mentors

Those looking to polish needed competencies to balance technical skills

Stalled out seasoned professionals who want to identify pitfalls and how to navigate growth

What Can You Expect by Leveling Up with Leader Loop?

Best Practices

Unique competency best-practice competency strategies

On-Demand Learning

Learn on your terms. Choose which offerings best fit your learning style & time commitment

Time Savings

Impactful yet to the point content creation to enhance work-life balance

Cost Effectiveness

Very cost-effective gap fill for lack of professional personal connections, mentors, or expensive courses & certifications

 What is the Competency Pillar Roadmap?

Pillar 1 – Foundation

  • Customer & Stakeholder Focus
  • Interpersonal Savvy
  • Accountability & Dependability
  • Time Management
  • Detail-Oriented

Pillar 2 – Refine & Evolve

  • Manage & Measure Work
  • Intellectual Acuity
  • Initiative & Drive for Results
  • Organizational Acumen
  • Decision Quality

Pillar 3 – Mastery

  • Strategic Agility
  • Mentoring
  • Adaptability
  • Planning
  • Collaboration

Pillar 4 – Influence

  • Communication
  • Staffing & Ramping
  • Measure & Drive Results
  • Coaching & Managing
  • Problem Solving

Pillar 5 – Thought Leadership

  • Expertise & Credibility
  • Performance Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Operational Excellence
  • Executive Presence

Pillar 6 – Overarching Leadership

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Visionary
  • Inspirational
  • Culture
  • Organizational Agility

Dive into the Competency Pillars

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