Leader Loop Advising Program

A custom, one-to-one consultation series



Most professionals spend years trying to understand what it takes to advance their careers. The truth is, every situation is unique due to combinations of industry, employee-manager relationship, skill set, economic climate, etc. However, one key area is constant to understand and master: Career competencies.

This program creates an instant Leader Loop advisor for you to lean on as a partner through your career navigation. 

The problem: 

Many of us do not have the privilege of getting professional coaching, “knowing people” in the industry, or graduating from an Ivy league school commanding a high salary right away. Instead, we must navigate career growth over a period of years to attain the leadership and salary growth we seek. Unfortunately, college education and the majority of managers at work don’t prepare us with this critical value-add knowledge.

Our solution: 

I’ve spent the last 20 years climbing the corporate ladder in many leadership roles at multiple companies and built a consolidated roadmap view of workplace competencies. Now my goal is to share this real-world knowledge and loop it right back to like-minded professionals and future leaders.

About the program:  

This information and program was developed to help accelerate career growth, overcome stalled careers, and gain a competitive edge amongst your peers.

  • 5 sessions lasting 50 minutes each
  • Includes the Power Hour+ content
  • Full overview of the Leader Loop competency pillar roadmap
  • Customized competency calibration & guidance on next steps
  • Thought partnership on client-driven topics that can include: People, management, projects, and personal career development

A short discussion before you buy:  

Because we want to ensure that the Leader Loop Advising Program is a perfect fit for you, this program requires a short conversation prior to purchase. When you complete the form, we’ll find a mutually agreeable time to set up a quick phone or video call to conduct a quick analysis.

Leader Loop Advising Program

Advance your career with the Leader Loop Advising Program

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