Workplace Competency Session

Two one-to-one sessions



This program offers a custom evaluation into the Leader Loop 6 Competency Pillars. We will identify which competency stage you are in, identify your gaps and strengths, then develop an action plan. Aimed at professionals who:

1) are proactively looking to advance by leveraging the power of workplace competencies (behaviors and attributes)  

2) feel frustrated and stalled out in their career and want to unlock opportunities with a fresh approach

How it works:  

Let’s dive into each Leader Loop Competency Pillar and calibrate where you stand in the competency roadmap. This is an interactive and engaging session where together we will identify your competency strengths and opportunities for growth. These competency behaviors and attributes  are meant to compliment your technical skills to help boost your impact at work. After this session, you will have actionable next steps in advancing your career. This program is designed to save you time and money on traditional courses. Don’t waste years recreating the wheel, leverage Leader Loop to accelerate your career goals!

What’s included:

  • Program consists of two separate virtual 1 hour sessions
  • Full overview of the Leader Loop competency pillar roadmap
  • Deep dive into a personalized calibration of your current stage
  • Guidance on next steps for your development

Complimentary 15-minute consultation before you register:  

Because every client is unique, we want to ensure that the Workplace Competency Session is a perfect fit for you, this program requires a short discussion prior to signing up for the program with purchase. Through our booking form, we’ll find a mutually agreeable time to set up a quick video chat. During that time we’ll discuss your goals and identify if our working styles match.

Workplace Competency Session

Boost your skills with a Workplace Competency Session

Complete the short form to book a 15-minute Google Meet video call so we can ensure that this session is a perfect fit for where you are in your career.

Workplace Competency Session