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This program includes 3 months of mentoring. Consisting of bi-weekly 1.5 hour sessions.

Most professionals spend years trying to understand what it takes to advance their careers. Truth is, every situation is unique due to combinations of industry, employee-manager relationship, skill set, economic climate etc… However, one key area is constant to understand and master. This area is career competencies.

This program creates an instant Leader Loop mentor for you to lean on as a partner through career navigation. 

Many of us do not have the privilege of getting professional coaching, “knowing people” in the industry, or graduating from an Ivy league school commanding a high salary right away. Instead, we must navigate career growth over time in order to attain the leadership and salary growth we seek. High School, College, and most managers don’t prepare us with this critical value-add knowledge. I’ve spent the last 20 years climbing the corporate ladder at multiple companies and have consolidated a set of roadmap competencies. Now my goal is to share this real-world knowledge and loop it right back to like-minded professionals and future leaders.

This information and programs were developed to help shave years off navigating early career growth, to overcome stalled careers, and gain a competitive edge amongst your peers.

Mentoring: What You Get

Individual competency calibration & guidance on next steps.

Mentee driven topics – Projects, People Management, Personal Career development.

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Our programs are developed to help shave years off navigating early career growth, to accelerate your current pace, and gain a competitive edge amongst your peers. Join us!

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