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Competency Pillars

Our Career Competency Pillars provide a clear roadmap for professionals to navigate their path to success. They help individuals assess their position and pinpoint the skills they need to cultivate for career growth

We empower individuals to succeed in their careers by focusing on often overlooked workplace behaviors and attributes, known as competencies, that the corporate world doesn’t formally teach

We are committed to fostering a culture of continuous growth and focused on helping individuals with limited time, money, and professional connections. 

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  • Foundation

    Pillar 1

    Like many important things in life, a solid foundation is a critical starting point for any growth. Becoming a strong leader is no different.

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  • Evolve & Refine

    Pillar 2

    Once you have spent time learning the fundamentals of a business professional, the next step is to REFINE the core competencies.

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  • Mastery

    Pillar 3

    This Pillar is where you start to master core leadership competencies.

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  • Influence

    Pillar 4

    This Leader Loop Pillar helps the transition from mastering your own team; into leading your team towards business objectives leveraging cross-functional partnerships.

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  • Thought Leadership

    Pillar 5

    Typically occurs at a Director/Vice President + level. At Leader Loop, we focus on competencies which add strategic value to the business in this Pillar.

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  • Overarching Leadership

    Pillar 6

    This Leader Loop Pillar focuses on organization wide impact.

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